Testimonials - Fit in jeder Lage

I have been counting on Silvia's advice and constellations for many years now. I could go to her with any kind of problem and she never let me down. Her constellations are precise and over the years they have always proved correct. I appreciate her work very much, especially because of her sensitive approach and yet loving rigor.
C. L.

Dear Silvia, thank you very much for the good cooperation, your advice in difficult times, your compassion and your unstoppable striving to make me a better person.

I am very grateful that my path - even if it “unfortunately” took a detour - finally led me to dear Silvia this year. Here I approach my blockages with full motivation and drive. I'm not afraid of what I encounter in the depths of my soul, because Silvia always gives me the right tools - so that I learn to catch myself well. I feel no shame because I know there is room for my “I” here - no matter what I am or was. We approach the topics specifically, honestly and directly. I love this blunt style, it's how I notice rapid growth - towards the better "I". It's unbelievable how quickly you can work on yourself or situations using the technique of imagination.
M. F.

Great woman, great treatment, great result! I can only recommend everyone not to bury their heads in the sand, but to get to the root of the problem. I couldn't have found anyone better than Silvia. She is direct but loving and sometimes even funny. The work is exhausting, but the result is worth it! She helps those who are devastated to their feet, those who take off, she brings back down to earth, those who are blinded by emotion, she helps to take a closer look. A companion I wouldn't want to be without! Thank you dear Silvia!!!
C. H.

Hello Silvia, a short feedback from me for our appointment last Friday. I passed on what was discussed 1:1... It was a very good decision to speak to you, thank you very much for the help!
U. L.

I´ve had an appointment at the beginning of September and you gave me great advice and helped me a lot, gave me clarity. Your forecast for... as well as the further increased conditions for the start of November is fully correct. Although I had believed and felt everything, it is still crazy to see this being implemented in this way. Forecast-accurate.
A. B.

Dear Silvia, I would like to give you feedback today regarding your statement from 2014: "It... won't work at all in about 5 years. I don't know why. But there's a problem somehow." That's roughly how you expressed yourself back then! The new... government has meanwhile "regulated" the... new ones. The conditions have been drastically tightened, some regions are completely blocked, in other regions the... has been restricted, penalties of up to 40,000 are called, the control has been tightened and recently... irregularities are being sued for 300,000! You were so right!
I. H. 07/2018

I am very grateful to you for your valuable support over all these months... You are doing such a valuable work, dear Silvia.
B. N.

It's not... the coaching itself, what makes it so special is, among other things, your absolutely partial affection for me and probably or certainly for every client. I always feel absolutely accepted and therefore "safe" to confide in you...
H. L.

...anyone could do the "coaching" methodologically... but you are the person who fills the whole thing with life, I think: Your ability to build connections, to feel the gaps, and then to build in resources, is unique...
A. K.

Hello Silvia, thank you for the impressive work. A lot has happened to me!...
K. M.

...you have opened the door for me :-) thank you Silvia!
N. W.

I am soooo glad that you teach me how to trust. I'm groping in the dark, but I'll just do it. It's the same after every appointment with you.
R. L.

Dear Silvia,... I work hard, but without you our marriage would have collapsed! You are priceless!
N. N.

Dear Silvia, maybe you still remember the Systemic Constellation Work about the internet startup, that I could have gotten into as an investor? You advised me not to. In the meantime, bankruptcy has been filed. Many thanks for the good advice!
H. R.

Dear Silvia, thank you very much for your great help. I really appreciate your work and am grateful I found you!!! I am very confident that everything will be fine again!!!
Your performance cannot be paid for with money and there are no words for it. So just thank you so much!!!! Best regards.
C. H.

...My finances have been in overdrive since last week! In the lineup they were like in a trance (rather asleep) and by my decision they became steamlocks that don't want to be stopped anymore! Silvia you are just the best! There is nothing better than your work as a coach!!! I thank you with all my heart!
V. K.

...what would have happened to me if I hadn't had you. I don't want to imagine it in any way!!! You said to me "MARRY - you have to get married" - that sounded like "tie yourself up, tie up" to me! I was torn, but since I´ve learned that any comment you made about what to do should be implemented, I wanted to ask "my husband" myself, because he didn't get into the pots either, like me! Oh God how nice it was when he asked me first. Very romantically in the snow he fell on his knees. I'm smarter now! Everything would have been terrible if I hadn't said yes. Everything has changed, but absolutely positive. My whole life now "slips" and flows all along the line. Crazy Silvia, what an outcome. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that!!!!!!
F. V.

...I also feel safe and supported in a brandnew way and earlier I spoke to... in a completely different way. It's nice that it's going so quickly. That's great. Working with you changes so much so quickly, sometimes I think you are an angel incarnated on earth.
N. N.

Dear Silvia, best coach ever, the hours are exhausting, but afterwards you feel like a load has been lifted from your heart. You're tough, but kind... ;-) THANK YOU!
A. H.

I'm extremely excited.
M. G.

Dear Silvia, in you I have found the partisan support that I need on my way. So much has changed in just a few weeks since we worked together, that I am simply amazed. Your soulful and warm nature opens hearts and makes it possible for me to trust you and the process. I experience the emotional work with the inner child in a particularly powerful and profound way. I'm glad to have found you, even if I already know many methods, I feel in best hands with you as a person and your approach.
A. H.

Dear Silvia. Immediately after our meeting I felt free and relieved. You showed me that I'm on the right track and that I have to keep pursuing my goals. The Systemic Constellation Work helped me a lot in my job. The exercises make my work easier and also support my dealings with my fellow human beings. I also see many things more clearly now and from different perspectives. I look forward to our next meeting.
R. M.

Working with Silvia has helped me accept myself the way I am and still push my limited thinking so that I allow myself to expand and grow. In the last couple of years I have achieved a basic change in my inner nature and beliefs about myself. As in doing so, the universe must respond and reflect that transformative energy back. Through her help I have become more relaxed on the inside and more loving towards my external world. She has helped me recognize my soul mate that has been in front of me all the time. Thank you! She has also helped me take my career to the next level and in doing so strengthen my inner beliefs about myself. The whole world might be very instable at the moment but with her help I have found ways of feeling stable and secure in my world. With Silvia's help my life is becoming better every day and I am looking forward to the future! Thank you very much!
I. R.

Dear Silvia, what luck that you came into my life at exactly the right time! Thanks to you, after a long time, I finally feel that I am no longer just a passenger in my life, but that I can once again determine my own direction. And thanks to you, I'm just learning to know right from wrong and to let go of the people who aren't good for me, but to hold on to the ones I love.
A. A.

Dear Silvia, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sensitive and clear way of bringing me a little closer to myself, strengthening myself and putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Since my first appointment, a lot has clarified in me and in my life and has changed for the better. Your way of working feels so easy and natural that I always enjoy coming to you. All my love for you.
M. Z.

...First of all my compliments regarding your way of working. I think you're doing a really great and really empathetic job. The therapists that I know are all very reserved, almost a bit distant - and not at all "relaxed" ;-). You are different and I liked that very much...
H. R.

Dear Silvia, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the really wonderful and EFFECTIVE coaching... suddenly new paths open up and life becomes easier and more beautiful... many things that I've been carrying around with me since I was a child are falling away... I can only say to anyone who wants to change something: with Silvia's help it works... many thanks from Berlin.
S. G.

Dear Silvia, it's unbelievable how quickly your Systemic Constellation Work had an effect on my little son. When I got home, he hugged me - and I was only gone for an hour. Since then he has made such a liberated impression and is much more open and self-confident. I'm very impressed! I too feel liberated, happy and strengthened in my role as a mother. The lineup was a blessing to our family - I'll be back! Thank you very much, you do it so lovingly and wonderfully!
U. G.

I've been fine since the Systemic Constellation Work yesterday and I'm looking forward with courage and positivity!!
C. S.

For many years I was only able to fall asleep at night in one cramped position - the so-called embryo position. When I changed my position, bad nightmares followed, which had always to do with suffocation. Due to this unnatural posture, I was totally cramped in the morning and could only move my head with pain. I didn't think there could be any help for this problem. As luck would have it, when I met Silvia, I brought up this problem. She offered me her help and I accepted this offer - despite some doubts - too. In the very first Systemic Constellation Work, Silvia found out the reason for this strange interaction between body and brain and I then tried - a little anxious - to adopt a normal sleeping position. It was just unbelievable for me that the bad dreams didn't happen. Today I fall asleep in a relaxed position on my side. Nightmares? What is that? Thanks for the help :-)
R. H.

Hello Silvia, it's really crazy. During the Systemic Constellation Work you advised me to consult your lawyer regarding the compensation for pain and suffering. Without your work and the results, I would never have done this in my life! Anyway, I actually got a check for my compensation. ... Thank you so much for the support. I would never have gotten the money without you. Best regards.
F. V.

I did everything exactly as instructed by you and your Systemic Constellation Work, although it was a completely new, I would almost say absurd path for me. And it went exactly as you predicted. I received the order. Unbelievable!!
S. G.

It's amazing how quickly and easily you can determine the optimal amount of remuneration for a customer order with Systemic Constellation Work; which was actually signed. The investment in your fee was more than worth it. Thank you.
H. A.

Dear Silvia, thank you again for the valuable and intensive support on Tuesday!!!! I feel good and free :-)
C. S.

This "coach" is a really useful profession.
L. W. (8 years old)

Dear Silvia, after the Systemic Constellation Work with you I felt very relieved, as if a load had been lifted from my shoulders and as if the foundation for my future, more positive life had been laid. It's still exhausting to show profile and personality, but the freedom and honesty that I gain and can live through it is more than worth it.
A. H.

Dear, dear Silvia! ...You gave me a great gift today in our wonderful session, for me probably the greatest gift next to my son. I would like to thank you deeply for this, with my utmost admiration for your noble and intelligent nature and your infinitely precious work on people. And for me this is just the beginning! In tearful happiness,
T. R.

...I benefited a lot from the appointment with you. Already at the weekend I found the strength to cope with the work that had been left undone for a long time. On Monday I had the conversation you suggested with my manager. The blockade was broken and the relationship has been very relaxed ever since. I couldn't have done it without you...
G. C.

Dear Silvia, thank you very much for your kind support... I think the interview went very well. So clear, loving and most of all hopeful. It helps me to know that I can turn to you when I can't do it on my own anymore... Thank you again from the bottom of my heart and I hope you're doing well and getting better. Best regards,
A. G.

Thank you again for the great work with you! I will certainly come again when the next topic that still needs to be worked on is pending.
H. P.

The meaning of life! Through Silvia I understand the meaning of life again. She helped me to find my zest for life again and I am infinitely grateful to her for helping me out of a situation that was hopeless for me. Her friendly and open nature makes it easy for you to open up and face your problems. For me she is the true angel on earth. I highly recommend her and I hope many people experience what I experienced.
S. E.

Losing a loved one - for whatever reason - always involves an enormous psychological burden. It was the same for me, but after a long period of time I was finally convinced that I had dealt with the loss. It never occurred to me to link my diminishing enjoyment of life, my physical problems, and my bouts of depression to this loss. Mrs de Leonardis first made this connection clear to me. It was also she who showed me a path - and ultimately walked this path with me - at the end of which I could really let go of the person I loved. I owe a lot to Mrs de Leonardis. With her calm, empathetic and understanding manner, she made it easy for me to confide my problems to her. Thanks to their help, I can now look forward to the future with joy, I have found my sense of humor again and, last but not least, the joy of life.
H. R.

...and an angel entered my life... Silvia changed my "I"... With her help I was able to free myself from my fears, my compulsions to please everyone and to free myself from my helper syndrome! I now see interpersonal relationships and typical everyday situations with different eyes! She showed me that I can only change something if I change myself, or rather if I change something! It was successful... until today... Her empathetic, warm manner makes the "sessions" so pleasant that one "would like to stay longer". Silvia is an asset - I highly recommend her!!!
J. F.

Over and over again in life things happen to you that are similar or feel the same over and over again. I didn't understand why the same thing keep happening to me. Then came Silvia... She was able to give me so understandable explanations for this and at the same time offer me the solutions. Let's call it a "broadening of perspective" that has given me a lot to understand in my private life. The ingenious thing is, if you finally understand where the dog is buried, everything changes... Silvia does this in a way that can only lead to success, whether privately or professionally!
V. F.

I can highly recommend a coaching with Silvia. The atmosphere is very pleasant and the training is fast, effective and sustainable. Silvia approaches her clients individually and immediately recognizes where to start. I received very valuable and interesting information on the subject of interpersonal communication and through targeted practical exercises I was able to implement and manifest the suggestions immediately. I benefit a lot from this coaching in my environment and the great thing is that my environment also reacts positively.
H. P.

The training helped me a lot. I got the job. Many thanks for your help!
P. M.

Your ingenious negotiation strategy and the concise formulations when drafting the correspondence have worked wonders. So the separation from my old employer went smoothly and without nerve-wracking discussions and quarrels.
R. Q.