Coaching - Fit in jeder Lage

My life coaching is aimed at private individuals and covers almost all areas of life.

The problem is often not the problem itself, but the attitude towards it. A certain situation usually becomes a problem because of our previous experiences and how we dealt with it in the past. If you want to learn how to navigate around these experiences in order to make room for new and fulfilling experiences, I offer you an optimal framework for finding possible solutions so that you can move on from the problem to a solution.

You will learn techniques with which you can deal better with difficult situations and also learn new options for action. So you can listen to yourself far away from stress, hectic and influence and find out what you actually want. By gradually expanding the range of your options for action and reaction, you will gain more clarity and satisfaction. You come to me with an idea or a problem and leave with a concrete plan.

Psychological Coaching

Psychological coaching is about inner work. As a rule, work is carried out on a weekly or 14-day rhythm to release stubborn blockages and generate inner strength. I will accompany you over a longer period of time until you have achieved your goals and desires. This work is intense and requires your commitment to meet deadlines and keep your appointments regularly to make progress.

Mediation (2 people)

Mediation is helpful if you are stuck in a partnership, break up, friendship or family situation and cannot find a way out - but there is a willingness on both sides to work and improve together. In mediation, bridges are built, agreements are made and techniques are used to get from the superficial frustration, which has often built up over years, to the depths and thus bring understanding and clarity to the situation. My job as a mediator is to act as a translator with respect and psychological sensitivity, so that the unconscious is expressed and what is not understood is clarified.

Coaching does not replace psychotherapeutic treatment.