Systemic Constellations - Fit in jeder Lage

Systemic constellations can be used in many areas. They are of great quality when it comes to private, personal, physical, business, professional and financial issues, life and investment decisions as well as family and organizational issues, conflict situations, uncertainties, recurring problems or decision-making questions.

But even complex systems (e.g. business models, houses, career choices, etc.), difficult circumstances or options can be set up or representatively related to each other.

You will very quickly become aware of entanglements or unhealthy strong ties to your partner, company, boss or family members - which prevent you from perceiving your own needs and staying in your own power. I'll show you how to differentiate yourself better so that you can make clear decisions again. Disputes make place for constructive discussions and you become more self-determined and content.

After your request has been discussed in detail, you will first receive an exact snapshot of the current status through the systemic constellation.

With the help of various techniques from therapy, counseling and mediation, solutions to the problem situation are then tried out and worked out. Likewise, the unconscious or hidden can be brought to light, making new resources available or potential new conflict situations avoided.

I´ll help you make a decision, initiate change processes, uncover crisis and conflict situations and bring clarity to your goals, strategy and approach to achieve your goals.

But even with simple questions, such as "Is A or B better for me?", you can quickly get the right answer for you. You can initially take a new step without consequences, see and feel at a glance how the situation is changing as a result.

For example, a very simplified example of a lineup is as follows:

Let's say there is a person in your life with whom you have recurring issues, that lead to frustration and arguments. Most of the time I find that the attempts made in the past always had to do with even more demarcation, defense, withdrawal, justification, being hurt, complaints in any form - i.e. punishment - which was not exactly productive, but frustrating.

Frustration - even if it´s lived out passively - brings even more frustration!

In 99% of cases, however, there are misunderstandings, wrong expectations, the wrong attitude, blurred boundaries, bad experiences from the past or the slightest resemblance to old aggressors.

If you uncover these in a systemic constellation and you can understand the problem both cognitively and emotionally, it is often only a small step to change your behavior, which usually leads to a change in the other person´s behavior.

Wanting the other person to make the first move is all too understandable, but the downside is that you depend on the other person and have to wait till they´re kissed by the muse - sometimes forever. On the other hand: If you learn it, you can do it! And you can use it anywhere, anytime - your whole life! Through self-responsibility you have a happy and successful life instead of stress.

In systemic constellations I do not work in groups or with representatives, but exclusively in individual settings. This is the only way I can guarantee the confidentiality and accuracy of the topics concerning you.

For legal reasons I would like to point out the following

Systemic constellations can help form an opinion about an issue. They serve to provide suggestions in order to arrive at a decision-making process. They are not based on comprehensible, economic or scientific knowledge and therefore offer no legal claim or guarantee. Claims for damages are excluded by mutual agreement with the customer.

Constellation work does not replace psychotherapeutic treatment.