Business Coaching - Fit in jeder Lage

Business and management coaching is suitable for entrepreneurs and employees in leading positions who would like to develop themselves and their team in a targeted manner.

Managers are increasingly being assigned the role of problem solvers for conflicts, inefficiencies and change processes - this expectation is extremely high. However, day-to-day business must never be lost sight of, and the individuality of the employees should also be taken into account and promoted. In addition, you also have a private life that should not "fall behind". Sometimes it is the purest task of Sisyphus. No sooner has a stone been heaved up than another rolls down on the other side.

I am happy to support you in the background so that you can take care of the important things. In an individual coaching I will show you how you can relieve yourself, improve the working atmosphere and increase the performance of your team with a changed view of the situation and the application of simple coaching methods or targeted systemic constellations. Different ideas about work processes, unclear competences or destructive communication patterns are revealed and can be solved.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is useful, for example, for clarifying and processing conflicts and crises in the team or for clearly defining the roles of the individual team members. With the help of the neutral coach, the employees can critically reflect on processes and work out new strategies together. Factual topics are separated from relationship aspects using special questioning techniques and intervention methods or systemic constellations. Vicious circles in which individual members are stuck are identified and possible solutions are worked out.

Usually I start the team coaching in conflicts in the team with approx. 20 to 30-minute one-on-one meetings with everyone involved, starting with the leading position. Afterwards, if necessary - without the employees, but if desired with the leading position - I create a systemic constellation to track down the root of the conflicts. Then the team coaching begins, during which I uncover the problems appreciatively, with psychological sensitivity and, whenever possible, humorous, and give the employees techniques so that they can transform weaknesses into strengths. It can happen that I only work with one employee for a short time in order to offer him a safe framework for sensitive issues.

Rhetoric Workshops

Misunderstandings are everywhere and at all times. Above all, it is because people have very different communication patterns/styles. One says nothing at all, the other screams immediately, the third beats around the bush, the fourth speaks in hieroglyphs. Rarely does one person master all these different language patterns.

This rhetoric workshop is particularly suitable for teams that want to improve their communication and thus deal with each other more effectively, clearly and directly.

I will show you the connection between listening and speaking and will make you and/or your team fit for both. I will teach you step by step how your words become powerful and clear and how you can better understand the other person.

Personality Training

As a trained and experienced actress, I offer tailor-made personality training. My repertoire includes communication, lecture or moderation training, a confident appearance and coaching for project and product presentations or image, industrial and advertising films. In a relaxed atmosphere, I will teach you how to express yourself strongly, clearly and understandably and how to avoid insecurities and stage fright.


After working so successfully with Silvia myself, it was also very important to me to let my team share in this supportive opportunity. So I booked a workshop for us. The tools that Silvia gave us to make our everyday work easier, clearer and more loving were amazing. We were allowed to practice differentiation from customers, but also closeness to colleagues. I say thank you from the bottom of my heart - thank you for having this opportunity to work with you, Silvia.